Recruitment process

The first step in a successful recruitment is to identify and agree on who and what you are looking for. We start with a close conversation with you where we get to know the company and culture. The aim of the analysis is to arrive at a job profile that the recruitment focus on.

1. Pre-analysis
2. Advertisement
If advertising is part of the task, we create a motivational and comprehensive job advertisement. We advertise as a starting point on LinkedIn, Jobindex and own website.
We set out a search strategy and locate the top candidates. Among the tools are the consultant's network, LinkedIn, business networks and our own database. Each candidate is presented with the position and it is uncovered whether the candidate is a match.
3. Search and identification of candidates
4. Screening of the candidate field
The interesting candidates are screened on inner and outer motivation for the position. The candidate's skills, ambitions and background are discussed, while practicalities such as geography and conditions of employment are being discussed.
The first interviews are being held with the most interesting candidates. We are focusing on the candidate's competences in relation to the job profile.
5. First Interview at Jivaro Search & Consult
6. Tests and references
With recognized testing tools, we test the candidates. We use the behavioral test to identify whether the candidate fits into the team and culture, while the cognitive test qualifies the candidate's performance.
Cases show the qualifications of candidates in practice. In addition to gaining insight into the candidate's practical, analytical and strategic professionalism, the case also provides the opportunity to get solutions to specific problems.
7. Cases
8. Presentation of candidates
The consultant usually participates at the first interview with you. After the interview, you choose the candidates you are interested to move forward with.
The second interview with you is typically in-person interviews, where the candidate receives feedback on tests and cases. The consultant participates to ensure maximum quality and coherence. After the second round, you choose whether you want to offer a candidate the position.
9. Final presentation and choice of candidate
10. Follow-up
To ensure long-term quality of recruitment, we follow up with the chosen candidate and the recruiter after 2 and 6 months respectively.